Restaurant: Sunday Menu

Classic British Cooking with a modern twist – cooked to order with fresh local ingredients.
All menus are sample menus and are subject to change


Winter Vegetable Soup (√)
Seasonal vegetable soup makes our winter warmer the perfect start to any Christmas meal    £5.50

Tom’s Crispy Corned Beef Hash Cake
A blend of our home-made corned beef (10 days in the making) & potato, served with a poached egg & the legendary HP sauce    £7.00

Roasted Broccoli & Lancashire Bomb (√)
Roasted broccoli & Shorrock’s Lancashire Bomb cheese with honey & citrus dressing & garlic breadcrumbs    £6.00

Ham Hock Terrine
Braised ham hock from Wilson’s Farm, Helmsley, set in the cooking juices, served with pickled carrot, bread crisps, & house chutney    £6.50

Poached Salmon Salad
Lightly poached Scottish salmon served with a beetroot & orange salad    £7.25

Crispy Whitebait
Whitebait fried in seasoned flour, served with skinny chips & garlic mayonnaise    £6.50

Black Pudding & Piccalilli
Mr Thomas’ home-made black pudding with chunky piccalilli & croutons    £6.00

Chop House Game Pâté
Coarse game & liver pâté wrapped in smoked bacon served with toast & spiced apple chutney    £6.50


Roast Horseshoe Gammon
Treacle-glazed horseshoe gammon served with Yorkshire pudding, Goose fat roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables & a jug of gravy    £12.50

The Chop House Roast
Roast topside of Mill Close Farm beef, treacle-glazed horseshoe gammon & roast leg of Texel lamb served with Yorkshire pudding, Goose fat roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables & a jug of gravy    £15.00

The Roast Beef Dinner
Roast topside of Mill Close Farm beef served pink with a Yorkshire pudding, Goose fat roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables & a jug of gravy    £14.00

Roast Leg of Lamb
Slow roast leg of Texel lamb served with Yorkshire pudding, Goose fat roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables & a jug of gravy 13.50

Mr Thomas’s Famous Home-made Corned Beef Hash
10 days in the making – to our own secret recipe – served with sautéed potatoes & creamed onions. Finished with a soft-poached egg & Cheshire-smoked dry-cure bacon    £13.00

Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pie (√)
Dewlay’s classic Lancashire cheese & onion pie (from the Great North Pie Co.) served with Chop House chips & buttered greens    £12.50

Traditional Fish & Chips
Tom’s Best Bitter, battered haddock with chips, mushy peas & home-made tartare sauce    £13.00

Home-made Steak & Kidney Pudding
Real steak & fresh lamb’s kidneys – served with Chop House chips, mushy peas & a jug of gravy. This is comfort food just like your mum makes it. Perfect for rainy days!    £13.00

Bubble & Squeak (√)
Root vegetable bubble & squeak cake served with Veggie black pudding & a poached egg, mushroom ketchup & sprouting broccoli    £12.00  


Chop House chunky chips, Onion rings, Mixed vegetables, Mashed potatoes, Mushy peas, Mixed salad    
All £3.00

Peppercorn sauce – £2.50
Bread & beef dripping with roasting juices or Jersey butter – £2.25


Buttermilk Posset
Buttermilk posset served with clementines & a ginger crumble    £6.00

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Mr Thomas’ home-made sticky toffee pudding served with clotted cream    £6.00

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake
Dark chocolate cheesecake served with honeycomb & chocolate sauce    £6.00

Bread & Peanut Butter Pudding
Bread & butter pudding layered with peanut butter & served with white chocolate ice cream    £6.00

Manchester Tart
An update on Mrs Beeton’s Manchester pudding. A short crust pastry tart with raspberry jam, custard, glazed banana & coconut ice cream    £6.50

A Selection of the Finest British Cheeses
A selection of the country’s best. Served with home-made winter chutney, grapes, celery & biscuits    £9.00

Home-made Ice Cream
A choice of three scoops of home-made ice cream with home-made shortbread biscuits

 All dishes are subject to availability & change of specification / market pricing. We cannot guarantee that nuts or nut traces will not be found in our food. Please note a discretionary 10% Service Charge will be added to all bills. It is your right not to pay. If we fail to justify it in any way, if you are unhappy about this for any reason, or if you simply disagree with the principle, please bring this to our attention & we will strike the amount off from the bill. If you have any special requirements please contact us on