Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that all the members of your party are aware of these terms & conditions.
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Please make sure that all the members of your party are aware of these terms & conditions.


Confirming your Booking

  • Reservations must be confirmed back to you in writing by Mr Thomas’s Chop House
  • Reservations will be confirmed when we receive cleared funds in payment of the security deposit
  • The security deposit is £10 per person & is non-refundable.
  • In completing this booking form, you are confirming that you are over the age of 18 & that you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms & you are also confirming that you are authorised to do so on behalf of all persons named in the booking & you are acknowledging that all members of the party are agreeing to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.
  • Your booking is classed as provisional until we have received the above & issued a receipt & Party Reference
  • The deposit will, of course, be subtracted from the final balance


Amendments to your Booking

Where reasonable prior notice is given Mr Thomas’s Chop House will endeavour to accommodate additions to the client’s booking, subject to availability. Please be aware that Christmas is a peak period & that many popular times are fully booked well in advance.

  • If the size of your party reduces in any way, we draw your attention to our policy on Please inform us as early as possible.
  • Revisions to the food order can be easily accommodated up to the pre-order deadline. Please communicate these in writing (at least one week before the reservation date). It may not be possible to make late adjustments.


The Final Payment

  • We are happy to arrange for advance payment of food & drinks pre-orders in full via a pro-forma invoice. Please be advised that payment must clear prior to the day of the booking. Any extras must be settled on the day.
  • For all bookings, we require settlement of the full bill on the day itself (by cash, or by credit / debit card. Company Cheques can only be accepted with the appropriate guarantee card).
  • We do not offer credit facilities without prior written agreement.


Cancellation Charges Policy

In order to avoid wastage, no-shows, cancellations & non-arrivals at our busiest time, when we will have turned alternative custom away, we are obliged to impose the following sliding scale cancellation charges:

  • More than a fortnight: £10 payable per person – from the security deposit
  • Between 14 days & one week: £20 per person
  • Late changes, seven days or less: Full package cost – debited from the security deposit card


Key Timings

  • The pre-order helps us to plan our busiest month. It directs fresh produce orders, kitchen prep & staff planning. It then helps us to be ready for the madness of each December day.
  • We prefer all pre-orders to be complete 10 days before the
  • Any last minute revisions, within the last week, must be agreed in advance with the Manager & be sent to us by email, unfortunately we cannot take these over the telephone & we must reply back to confirm that we can help you


Table Timings

We always try our best to be flexible & accommodating. It is certainly our intention to do everything we can to make your Christmas enjoyable. But we have to take into account the needs of all our guests & our staff at this time. Our experience shows that this area can be a cause of problems. Poor time-keeping can have a knock-on effect throughout a day which impacts on many other guests & their bookings. It can also delay your own service.

  • Please treat the reservation time as the actual time to sit down in the restaurant
  • We recommend that you arrange meeting times in advance of this. If you’d like to enjoy a drink beforehand, it makes sense to allow the time to do so
  • On certain days & at certain times you may be required to vacate your table/room by a certain time; we will discuss this with you beforehand. Return times typically cannot be extended because of the impact on other customers.
  • Unfortunately if some members of your party are late, we may not be able to wait for them, & their food may have to be served awaiting their arrival – or for your other guests to share.
  • The management reserves the right to cancel a booking if guests arrive later than 20 minutes after a confirmed reservation time. In this event cancellation charges will


Seating Arrangements

  • Large groups are advised that whilst we will do our best to seat your members on one table, this may not always be possible due the layout of our
  • Your party will, however, be seated in the same area of the restaurant/function suite wherever possible.
  • In certain cases, parties may be asked to share tables; where this is the case, all parties concerned would be notified in
  • You should speak to us in advance if you have special table


Exclusive Hire

  • When reservations are made for exclusive hire of all (or a part) of the venue, we will agree either a room hire charge or a minimum spend (secured with a credit or debit card at the time of the booking).
  • This minimum spend needs to be met in full before you leave the venue or before it
  • Failure to meet the minimum spend will result in the unspent monies being charged on the
  • Balances may not be
  • All exclusive or minimum hire bookings are subject to a non-refundable deposit charged at the discretion of the


Subject to Change

  • The Victorian Chop House Company reserves the right to change menus, times, prices, payment or booking


How to Pre-Order your Meal (where pre-orders are necessary)

  • Please select your meals from the Christmas Party
  • Fill in the Pre-order form supplied by marking a (number 1) in the required fields, & either send it to us by e-mail, post or drop it in personally if you’d prefer. Please remember that lunch time service can be very busy periods for our
  • The pre-order should include a full guest list by name unfortunately; no other forms can be
  • The final pre-order deadline for any changes is ten days before the date of your
  • Regrettably we may not be able to accommodate changes after this


Special Requirements

  • Please advise us of any allergies, special dietary requirements or any other special needs in advance – ideally when booking or making formal, written
  • We will be happy to arrange alternatives wherever
  • We cannot guarantee that traces of certain foods will not be found in any of our dishes .If you have any special requirement or dietary needs please inform your
  • Allergen data is held on each of our dish ingredients, so please ask a member of the team should you require further


Force Majeure / Circumstances beyond our Control

  • Force majeure means unusual, unpredictable or unavoidable circumstances that are outside the restaurant’s control & which prevent the contract being
  • These are circumstances which we could not reasonably have foreseen, avoided or overcome & are outside the Restaurant’s responsibility & liability.
  • They include, but are not restricted to war or the threat of war, riot, civilian insubordination, industrial disputes or strike, acts of terrorism or threats thereof, natural or industrial catastrophe, illness, injury or death, fire, severe weather conditions, flood, technical, I.T. or maintenance issues.
  • The Victorian Chop House Company reserves the right to refuse entry where deemed


Exceptional Circumstances

  • In exceptional circumstances only, the Company may at its discretion take a £15 Late Cancellation Charge & transfer the booking to a replacement date in January or February. An alternative Christmas Party menu will be agreed with the client at a food price of £20 per person.


Property & Goods

  • The Restaurant does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to a client’s property & We try our best always to be flexible & accommodating. It is certainly our intention to do everything we can to make your Christmas enjoyable. But we have to take into account the needs of all our guests at this time


Service Charge

  • Please note a discretionary 10% Service Charge will be added to bills. It is your right not to pay. If we have failed to justify it in any way, if you are unhappy about this for any reason, or if you simply disagree with the principle, please bring this to our attention & strike the amount off the
  • We apply the charge because we believe that great service is fundamental to our success. We encourage all our staff to go the extra mile to look after our customers & the charge is used to encourage & reward this – collectively. The money is fairly distributed amongst ALL the staff (including those in the kitchen & the bar too) because the team relies upon every member to be effective. The kitchen staff, from chefs to kitchen porters, are often the unsung heroes in every restaurant. We believe passionately that they deserve to share in any rewards for good
  • For the record, every member of our staff is paid MORE than the minimum wage. We have never used the service charge income to make up any shortfalls in pay & never would. Instead the money is added to monthly remuneration & also contributes to our significant staff incentive We try very hard to make sure that the best people get the recognition & rewards they are due, rather than just those handling the payment transaction. That’s why we work so hard to ask for names of people who have gone the extra mile – on the feedback forms & in our manager meetings.
  • It has always worked for us by encouraging teamwork. It helps us with staff retention in the kitchen. The end-result is, hopefully, better service, a better product & continuing customer satisfaction.



  • If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your experience you should bring the problem or issue to the attention of the duty manager as soon as possible so that all reasonable efforts can be made to rectify the situation to your satisfaction at the
  • If for any reason, the issue cannot be resolved to your liking & you wish to make a complaint, you should put it in writing to The Manager, Mr Thomas’s Chop House, 52 Cross Street, Manchester, M2 7AR or e-mail